Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thoughts and questions from some old notebooks: Art

I was going through some old notebooks of mine and came across some jottings that I thought might sit well on this blog:

Firstly, some thoughts on art:

Where does our enjoyment or appreciation of art come from? Perhaps from a sense that experience is shared to some extent. As though we think to ourselves, "I am not alone; I have see/felt/thought this too." It reminds us that we are alive.

What makes a work of art "good", or satisfying? Perhaps its "ring of truth", its emotional resonance with us.

Perhaps all art is expressive. In descriptive art, the emotion is usually delight (in observation). In analytical art, the emotion is curiosity or playfulness. In decorative art, the emotion is sensual pleasure.

It's not a matter of bringing everyday life into the realm of "art" (or vice versa). Rather it's about moving the boundaries - very blurry in most cases - between "art" and "non-art".

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